• 2010-01-16

    Drawing Restraint[巴尼]


    终于看了Drawing Restraint 9,制作没有我想的那么那么精细 但比我想像的好看,挺激动的,现在更想看Drawing Restraint 7了~还有他选的音乐和他老婆的完全不是一型⋯

    上周做persentation讲了塑料整形式艺术的起源和审美,我点到的艺术家有Orlan,Hans Bemer,Cidy Sheman,森村泰昌,matthew barney等等,但长篇大论的稿子配合我糟糕的口音很是冷场。唉唉唉,下周就快期中展了阿!还成天在家宅着不动怎么会有尖儿货,说实话来了英国半年我还什么作品都没做成呢。据说,牛比是要持之以恒的,那我不又输在起跑线上了么⋯



    Drawing Restraint Series (1988-93)

    Drawing Restraint III

    • Body-work concept: shaping muscles
    • Form cannot materialize or mutate unless it struggles against resistance in the process.


    unit BOLUS (1991)

    • Barney: “a mouthpiece that could also be inserted anally.” An action that would “close the circle” and seal off the body in a hermetic self-contained state.


    FIELD DRESSING (orofill) (1989)




    • Human chorionic gonadotropoin (HCG)


    OTTOshaft (1992)

    • Barney: “Only a possible narrative of what might have happened in that space; rather than being truths, there’ re proposals.”
    • From Nancy Spector’s Guggenheim show catalog: “With the sterile, incubator-like garage urging them on. Otto and the Character of positive restraint plot to hijack the hubris pill and force it to achieve its most distant horizon of possibility, which is imagined in the form of a bagpipe. Taking the pill hostage, they induce a metabolic transfer of energies. Following a biological model of digestion, they impel the pill to travel from glucose (the pill’s existing state of potential) to hard candy (a glucose-sucrose blend_ to pure sucrose. After passing through petroleum jelly it moves on to the starches – tapioca – and then meringue. If they’re able to make it reach the state of pound cake, a complex carbohydrate, with the penultimate addition of eggs, the bagpipe will play “Amazing Grace” and thereby communicate with God.“


    Drawing Restraint 7 (1993)



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